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Printed Leather Accessories Care

Recommendations on printed leather accessories care

All leathers used to make your items are hand crafted from genuine leather purchased in Australia from leather wholesalers who source worldwide.

Printed Leather Accessories Care

Keep away from hairspray, spray deodorant, spray perfume, aftershave, cologne, spray tan, spray insect repellant and sunscreens as these will damage the printed designs. If applying these sprays, apply them before wearing / handling your printed leather item. Wash your hands before putting on the bracelet or using the printed leather item to prevent transfer of solvents onto the printed design.


For spills, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not spray with alcohol or solvent based cleaners. Do not place in dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, steam clean or dry clean.

Activity Tracker Placement

When wearing your Activity Tracker in the pocket of the bracelet, please ensure that the activity tracker is securely tucked in. Take care when placing or removing tracker. If removing tracker is tricky to move, squeeze tracker in the pouch from the end to move it forward and out.

Ensure your leather accessory lasts well

Keep smaller items inside a pocket, drawer or bag when not in use. The printed leather items I create are highly durable and resistant to scuffs. You can further prolong their longevity by keeping them away from sharp objects like keys or pen nibs. It is not recommended that tea or coffee mugs are placed on your Empressionista mouse mats.

A quality leather care cream is recommended for its ability to protect the printed images on my printed leather accessories.

Printed Leather Accessories Care Conditioning Cream from Oakwood

Oakwood Conditioning Cream for leather is suitable to use on your printed leather items to keep them soft, flexible and free from cracking. You can find out more about Oakwood Leather Conditioning Cream here:

Genuine leather or synthetic

I select only the best leathers on which to create the designs you see featured across this site. These same leathers are also the quality sourced by Gucci, Prada and top designer houses in Europe and the United States.

No synthetic leather, vegan leather, PolyUrethane, synthetic pleather or vinyl are used.

To distinguish between an artificial leather and the real thing, there are several ways to prove between real and not genuine.

  1. Real leather doesn’t melt
  2. Real leather has imperfections and irregular grain, marks and blemishes which add to the authenticity of the piece.
  3. Real Leather is porous and absorbs oils, moisture, polish and liquids