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Discover Women's Fitbit Flex Leather Cuffs for Activity Trackers

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About – Printed Leather Accessories

Empressionista’s passion for printed leather accessories

Empressionista’s printed leather accessories are printed in thousands of colours directly to leather in a special process that allows for great detail and beautiful designs. Every time you see an Empressionista printed leather accessory you will notice that is is not screen printed in one colour or limited by the confines of a screen printing technique. The image is sharp, made up from thousands of hues and tones bonded to the leather to create an astonishing design fit for the catwalk, red carpet or aisle. Printed leather accessories by Empressionista feature intricate detail in vibrant colours bonded directly onto soft luxurious leather.

printed leather accessories - Wedding Clutch Birds

Empressionista launched in 2010 with printed leather accessories. As the printed leather phone covers gained popularity so too did Empressionista’s bracelets and cuffs crafted to house wearable technology Fitbit fitness activity trackers. Empressionista now offers office, travel, wedding accessories, jewellery and technology covers that are sold worldwide.

Empressionista capacity for high resolution detail in vivid colours bonded directly to the leather allow for stunning detail and vibrant designs. Selecting only the best imported leathers, Beck continues to use her trusty and dependable sewing machine to create each item individually and follows the philosophy that hand crafted pieces are infused with a story and are therefore worthy of treasuring.

From the selection of luxurious leathers to the soft suedes, the tactile nature of your leather item is enhanced by elaborate and intricate design detailing, and are worn / carried for indulgence and identity.

Beck Williamson has put together a collection of designs that feature on genuine leather, that include Activity Trackers Bracelets, Phone Covers, Clutches, Bags, Key Rings, Luggage Tags, Mouse Pads, Passport Covers, Business Card Cases and Wallet Cuffs.

Since launching the Fitbit Flex bracelets on they have become popular amongst her customers and are now available here.

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